Freitag, 8. April 2011

Prison of desire...yay me!

So, an awful lot of strange stuff happened in the last week. It feels like a nightmare and like a dream come true. And, as usual, when good things happen to me I can't enjoy them, because I keep asking myself "Why should life be good to me once? This doesn't make sense!"
Now, whatever. So far I have checks on the list of people I wanted to meet. Except one. Sisi. AAAARGH.

The strange stuff that happened - let's referr to it as the Salzburg incident - gave my creativity a real blast. I was struggling with three different ideas in my head at once and hello, there comes Number 4. So this is where i decided to give in and just write what comes to my head and not say "Finish story 1 at first.". Because I learned, I have to soak up the creativity as long as it's still fresh and just came to my head.
The bad things is: I'm not sure where this incident is leading. Most certainly not where I would like it to. The good thing is: The ideas it "caused" is the first story idea that HAS an END!!! OMG! WTF!!!

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