Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

Quick update

Sorry, if there are numberous posts withouts photos or so, that's simply because I don't have a webcam or a card slot at my new PC. Getting USB-devices ASAP!

So, what has she been doing?
The last time I told you about the Salzburg incedent and the idea that origined from it. In fact, I already started a quite detailed outline (something I have never done before!) and other things came into my head on how to develop the story arch, but I'm not so sure if I'm tossing these new ideas out again.  But I still find it kinda smothering to write a pure lovestory, since I hate lovestorys.
I finally succeeded to get into a normal lifestyle again after Salzburg - no midnight dinners, no sleepless nights, so strnage dreams about drowning in a lake in Switzerland (oh and by the way, dear subconciousnes, where on earth did the drwoning come from??? Sisi was stabbed!!!)
Oh and I managed to have the first breakfast with my boyfriend at a coffeeshop where we didn't fight =) Okay, that sounds lame, but usually we always have to breakfast at a coffeeshop when we are to stressed to go grocery shopping. And then we are tense and aggravated. Yay.
On another note, i finished the second book from Kelley Armstrong's "Darkest Powers"-Series. It was a pretty quick and good read and I'm anticipating part 3.
Yeah pretty much non-writing-crap going on in my life right now, but I'm positive and jumping on the bandwaggon again. I'm super motivated now that my first novel-attempt working titled "Her alone" (yes that is in fact a song by amorphis which inspired me to start writing.) has finally reached the 50.000 word count and now I can finally call an actual novel (in american standarts). Yay me =)

So, yeah that's basically new in my life.

Read you soon!

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