Samstag, 30. April 2011

Another weekend...

So, it's Saturday and I'm at my in-law's house and basically have nothing to do (which is a good thing, because now I can choose how I want to entertain myself.).

So what's new? Well, Kate and William finally married.
Yeah, but what's new in my life? My parents were here for the past week and we had a great time. I don't see them so much, since we live in different countries and that is like 700miles apart. So I basically just go home in summer and during Christmas. And in the time in between they can come visit me and the greatest place on earth: Vienna =D
So the first day when they were here we went to Vienna's Central Graveyard (it's huge, bitch.) and a really nice man showed us around. Actually he just wanted to tell us the way to Falco's grave (very famous and popular musician who died in a car crash.) and then he said "Ah hell, I'm coming with you."
Well, he also knew a hell lot of stuff about the graveyard. That was when I realised that I had an logic inconsistency in my novel (there are two scenes taking place on this graveyard). So after my parents went to their hotel I hurried home, made dinner and sat down to actually solve the inconsistency. But no, no, no, I got stuck in the first 30 pages were I still had a big hole in the plot to close. Actually this hole always bugged me but I never was motivated to close it (I'm not big on writing one scene after the other, I just write what comes to my mind and make it fit later on.) but this time I thought "I could write only a few sentences so I know where to start next time - but then I must solve the..."...too late. Now the plot hole is closed (basically, there's still a lot of work to do, but for the first draft it will do.)

So much for writing. People who follow my tumblr might recall that I had an argument with my brother-in-law about Epica and Mark being like Morten Veland.
Then I stumbled about this:
First off the boring obvious question, why did you leave After Forever?
Mark: The beginning of the relation within After Forever was for me the beginning of the end. The contacts within the band were becoming colder and colder, I became more and more isolated, though I was the one who put most effort into the band before we got more known. For the rest, I think my story has a lot in common with the one of Morten Veland. I was also basically fired from the band. 
*banging head against the wall*
But I have the little solace, that Mark looks a hell lot better than Morten does. And the music of Epica is really better than Sirenia oO
And we had this argument going on for like...2 years now. He refuses to pay actual attention to Epica. But I wonder what happens if I tell him that I sang his little daughter to sleep with Solitary Ground after "Soft Kitty, warm kitty" didn't work. 
SO yeah, it's been a month now and my mind is still like "EPICA OMG". But yesterday we were listening to After Forever's "Invisible Circles" on our way to Styria. And I was suddenly like: "Oh my god this album is sooo perfect..." So, go people and listen to hymnes of childhood traumas, mobbing, World of Warcraft-addictedness and incredibly memorable dialogues :-D

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