Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011


Welcome to my new english blog. I've been blogging in german since a few months and I figured out it's about time to also keep you guys up to date when you don't understand german. Please correct any grammar or spelling mistakes (and I bet there are LOTS!)
Whereas my german blog focuses not only on make up and fashion, but also in reviews, tutorials and other stuff, this blog will be more personal. Of course you will get to see many many outfits I wear, but also learn about the other stuff I do, like writing (I'm a self-proclaimed novelist, haha) and drawing. Be sure to check this blog out for some "Behind the Scenes"-Stuff of my webcomic, coming up this febuary. And of course other funny stuff that occured while I was busy living.
Also I will try to post a picture per day - mostly just me and silly faces I make while playing with my webcam.
here's one I took today:
Since i got a bad eye (the one I hid behind hair) no more make up today than just a little lipgloss. This one is by essence and it is called XXXL Shine Lipgloss 13 Rock on. The necklace is a little fairy and I got it from my boyfriend. Thanks, Honey! =)

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