Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Love is a doing word

So actually I had an amazing day. Today I had my last's been alot of laws and rules to learn. After all it was kinda logical, because rules make our system work. I'm not a punk so I think that's basically a good idea.
So this me, happy that the exams are over (until March, bleh.) The exam was at 8 in the morning so I had the whole day waiting for me when I got out! I went back home to play Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone - the pc game that was made when the movie came out. The graphic is bad, the sound is a desaster, but I felt like I was 13 again xD But I soon fell asleep because I nearly hadn't slept all night. Luckily I had scheduled my clock to ring early enough so I could meet a friend at Uni. We went shopping =D Something I hadn't done in months, because of lack of time and money. Now the semester is over which maximizeses my free time and I have a new job. Lucky me!
I bought some new clothes and a sketchbook, something I really needed to. I'm on a quest to learn how to draw. I only can draw really simple comic-style figures (more kinda stick-figures.) and I have to pratice a lot before I can actually upload the first episode of the webcomic I'm planning.
Oh, and I watched the first few minutes of Sisi yes, I spelled that correct - the NEW movie about Austria's Empress. When they made it they promised not to make it as kitschy as the old ones but the's worth a good laugh. And I can satisfy my Sisi-Nerdiness. Haaaah...

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