Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

Is it over yet?

Whew, can't believe it's "only" Saturday. Feels more like Sunday to me. Nevermind.

Sorry for the bad quality, I should try to take pictures by sunlight, but today I got up really late and did nothing but learn while the sun was up (can't really concentrate in the dark, when it comes to non-creative stuff.) Later on I met two friends of mine who I hadn't seen since December (although we study the same subject. Well, we're all busy people with a screwed up time-management.).
And now I was watching the latest epidose of Austria's Next Topmodel. Actually all the shootings and challenges were kinda boring, but they had an excuse: One of the competitors was a racist and of course she didn't like it that the black (is that politically correct? =S)girl und the german girl got all the jobs. And she was stupid enough to say that in front of a live camera. Well. No comment on her stupidity. I got zero tolerance for people like her, but to be honest I think that was made up and the producer of the show encouraged her to say something like that, to attract more people to watch. No matter if it was her own idea or somebody else's, I hate people who think like that. To throw her out was the only way.

Okay, now I've really gotten onto another trakc *sigh* I'm not so good at discussing serious stuff online so I think I shouldn't do so. Well, what else is new?
I had quite a few ideas for the comic and the second novel Iw ill write. It's not nice to have ideas for a novel yet to be written when the other one isn't even finished yet.
And I want to start poledancing. I think it's a pretty cool workout, I hope the bruises I heard of will be worth it!
Actually i wanted to make a post on "How i write" this weekend, but I think that'll be better when I finished my exams on monday. So see you then =)

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